Saturday, November 26, 2011


Assalamualaikum my dear readers..

Are u ready to get involve with serious war?? 
fight with many people to get what you want??
every semester you have to face can not run from it..pity of uuuuuuu..

alright are u ready to  prereg subject for the next semester?? unfortunately you have to prereg this semester for the subject next semester..yup it is true by level of study but you already know the reality of prereg rite?? many people will sit infront of laptop or computer 3 hours earlier to get ready mental and physical..are u one of them???  lets say if  your turn for prereg, you have class until 7 pm and  prereg start at 5 pm. Are you willingly to sacrifice  and skip your favourite class only for prereg...arggghhh headache rite..???  

WAKE UP IIUM's prereg time..!!!!!!!
everyone will get strees and crazyyyyyy this weeks..hopefully my dear readers not included in that group..we are still normal right??hehe So, which level  are u?? 
alright please make sure if you are using broadband, you have to make sure you already paid this month bill..if not,you have to use another alternative or better you pay your bills nowwwwwwwwww...In this situation, you might scared if you get love pop up message section closed and no available section..don't u??hehe


1.Start with bismilah..
2.Open the prereg website ( and choose course registration) 
3.You have to make sure you already write it down the code and the section that you want..(early preparation is very important here) 
4.Always has back up plan such as Plan A, Plan B and etc,
5.You have to choose  the right venue ..such as library,irk lab, mahallah, cafe and etc.
6.You have to give priority to subject under celpad and, always add skills, celpad subject first before your start to add your major subject.
5.Focus and add subject wisely.. 
6.Patience and sobarul minal iman..don't get easily stress and cool my dear friends.hehe
7.Done and alhamdulillah..Let's hang out together..hehe 
Good luck guysss..let's rock and roll this prereg time.OH YEAH!!! 

~maa salamah wa ilal liqa'~

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