Monday, August 6, 2012

Special Gifts

Assalamualaikum and hy my dear readers

happy friday u olzzz...hari yang cukup indah..

olrite, anyway juz wanna share with all of u  my quote for today..

"u dont have to treat someone special only ON HER / HIS special day BUT try to make it everyday is special day..why do u need to wait for a special day to give SPECIAL treat for  someone special in your heart ?? Indeed, u are special, yes u!! the one who are reading my blog..hee

 easy words u dont have to buy a present everyday to someone special nanti pokai la u olzzzzzzzzzz..hee what i mean is that try to treat someone special nicely babe..treat your parents, siblings, friends and others nicely. So that people can treat u nicely too. who knows rite.. berbuat baik akan dibalas dengan baik kan??

I got two gifts from two important persons in my heart......

my lovely mummy gave it to me because she knows her daughter interest in which field. So, mummy gave it to me the books for my potential skills..hee thank you mummy. I LOVE U SO MUCH..By the way, I  got this talents and skills from you 

this is the books that I always look at and read if I went to the any book store..last2 ada orang bagi..TERHARU sangat..oh dear, u make me cry ..huk thank you so much my dear..this book really inspired me as a Muslim .To Muslim out there,  try to read this book..hee buku ni saya dah baca separuh dah waktu taaruf week because one of my PCs friends, syikin bought this sangat baca..rugi sapa2 tak baca..SERIOUSLY..YA RASULULLAH  ..

thank you

7 MONTH!!!

Assalamualaikum and hy peeps..


OMG..YA ALLAH..7 month I didn't update my blog..pity of my blog..isshhh terrible..

I'm so sorry..seriously damn busy last semester and also this semester !!!!

the funniest things when I  just found out  that the blogger has new really advance 

babe!!  LoL OK SOOO  JAKUN OF ME la nak guna bnda2 canggih ni..heee..

 baru  celik dunia and yang paling  penting dekat my drafts banyak giler tak publish..duk 

simpan  sampai berkarat gler ...lagi teruk pada paku berkarat taw u olzzz!!! nak publish boleh 

tak?? kalau ada yang sudi baca nak publish ni..heee

ok nak sambung study ni..bye see u soon. and miss all of u peeps!!!.

with love
Si Merah